biografiaIsidro Con Wong was born in Puntarenas, Costa Rica on February 1931, he is a son of Chinese in-migrants from the province Canton – Zhongshan, China, at his short age he was taken to study to Canton the place of his origins, where then he moved to Macao and Hong Kong, there he had the opportunity to attend and listen to different Chinese schools.


During these years, he had the opportunity to attend and experiment the culture of his relatives. Specially the written and spoken language, as well foods and traditions, it is really important also to note as Con Wong incorporate in his work, in his life, his ethnic ancestors.
Where he was being the third generation in his family in Costa Rica. He has based part of his artistic job in words that he remembers from his mother. These words or characters, look like interweaved or bond in his paintings, trees, mountains, they are neither hidden nor immediately obvious.


Since his return to Costa Rica, he settled in the province of Puntarenas where he lived, for many years, but his work was developed in Paquera and the Nicoya Gulf where the agriculture, fishing and cattle turned into his way of life.


Mr. Con worked in different areas in Costa Rica as a farmer, shoemaker, fisherman, and industrial merchant, but his farm was the major field in his life. He loves this time and frequently dreams with his farms, cows, bulls, land where he worked, there he lived many of his experiences that helped him to grow up and nature. Although he really has never felt comfortable in all of these jobs, his artistic expression was sprouting or springing up in his spirit and soul, which he had to let it out. Wish that was blocked for many years, by his father who pushed him to work, as his culture did it in these times.


At his 40 years of life and when he has carried out his father’s wish. He took the decision to become a professional artist and engaged to Art by complete. To be born as an artist and with developed and expressive style that gave him a fast and successful career. His original style it’s recognized by great critics’ people of art and collecting people, as ¨the Magic world of Isidro Con Wong¨.


Isidro Con Wong has participated in many exhibitions around the world, as it is in United States of America, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Taiwan, Panamá, Colombia, Venezuela and many other countries. One of his biggest achievements has been his record of six consecutive participations in the Big International Reward of Monte Carlo, something very difficult to achieve. Isidro has achieved many rewards and distinctions in his artistic career as the distinction of Honor Caroline princess of Monte Carlo, Honor member of the European Academy of sciences Art and letters, Nice, France.

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