Ambassador’s Preface


The luminous work of Isidro Con Wong has toured Europe, the United States, and Latin America. The National Museum of History of Taiwan is now the first to open its doors to bring this sample of Costa Rican art to Asia.


Mr. Isidro Con Wong shares with us his special vision of peace and beauty. Born in Costa Rica to a family of farmers, he was raised among the beautiful and wild green pastures, mountains and volcanos of Central America. His work reflects a special bond with nature. The undulating hills, giant, flowering trees, and surprised bulls reflect a mix of power, beauty, space and magic. Con uses light, color and love to create a world of dreams. Through his paintings we can feel the song of the tropics. Within this vision of a New World, the appreciative art lover may discover hidden treasures, remembered tales of China the artist heard from his Chinese grandmother.


Costa Rica invites you to see its soul through the charm of Isidro Con, and thanks the government and the people of the Republic of China for its warm welcome. We are happy to share with you the fruits of peace and democracy in both our countries. It is another step towards a free and richer world for all of us.


The Embassy of Costa Rica thanks the National History Museum, its staff and especially it’s Director, Dr. Huang, for bringing the work of this Costa Rican contemporary artist to Asia, for the first time. Isidro Con’s work is prized in Monaco, the United States and Latin America. It hangs in the Museum of Art Naif of France, as well as in President Lee Teng Hui’s collection. We hope the people of Taiwan will also enjoy it.


Elena A. Wachong de Storer
Ambassador of Costa Rica in Taiwán, 1998

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