Director’s Foreword


After visiting Latin America on different occasions, I realized that the artistic creations of this immense area possess, as a common factor, characteristics of originality, which explains their presence in all corners of the world.


Isidro Con Wong is one of Costa Rica’s most recognized painters. Con imbues his depictions of nature and the lives of farmers with a positive energy that clearly reveals his agricultural background. Thus one could say that his transition to painting was a continuation or extension of his former occupation. Furthermore, Con’s work not only demonstrates the elegance of Spanish culture, but also has the power to capture the descriptive reality of Chinese culture.


Con uses lively colors and energetic brush strokes to create fantastic images of trees, landscapes and animals. His paintings have no unnecessary decorations and are a combination of realistic and dream-like images which Con creates from the heart.


Submerged in that world of colors that is Costa Rica, Con’s paintings have surpassed both the technical and material aspects of this art form to become a symbol of postmodern art. Con’s work shows his attachment to and love of his birthplace while demonstrating concern for the environment.


Dr. Huang Kuang – nan
Director of the National Museum of History

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