A Recreated World With Isidro Con Wong


Hilda Chen Apuy
Costa Rican Writer, Magon Reward


A landscape with blue shades and a silvered moon with a soft brightness that illuminate. The peregrinate bulls. A recreated dreamed world. Fantasy lyric that transmit us love that this Costa Rican, Chinese artist feels about the Guanacaste can scenery which he knew for many years, and he was linked by a deep feeling.


Not any other Costa Rican artist has painted this landscape with the serenity and mutual understanding as Isidro Con Wong did. With gentleness and tenderness in each brushstroke, he presents us the forest or the field with trees, puddles, kettle, in well balanced paintings, rich in color. It’s the tropic tinted by the sensitivity of an artist descendant of Cantonese immigrants, but born and shape in the Puntarenas harbor since middle century ago, when the life was simpler, and richer in human warm.


This artist born with a capacity to look and enter into the surround reality, to recreate later what he sees. Perhaps his Cantonese soul gets him closer to the tropical land which he had the lack to born on it; but Isidro Con Wong doesn’t copy or imitable to anybody, instead of it what he looks for is the reconstruction of an environment thant he knew as devote lover of this place. He doesn’t want to dominate the nature, instead of that, be part of it.


Maybe this message that we perceive in his paintings, which is forgotten in our modern world, could be more necessary and useful now that we have damaged a lot our planet. So maybe this is one the reasons of his success as artist. In Isidro’s landscapes we discover the lost paradise in many regions of the earth.

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