Isidro Con Wong, the person and the artist.


This book tells the history of a man that being a child he discovered that his life would be related with linen, paint, brushes, mud, wood and brass. That’s why he always struggled to become into an artist, although, he found several obstacles; he counted with the wisdom to skip them till to get his objective.


The text takes the reader to a trip to the past of the protagonist, in order to make you know deeply the two indispensable facets of this artist and that they are related between the personal and artistic.

The first part presents a captivating story that will make you involve on it. Letting you know the Isidro Con Wong roots, that’s why his grandfather decided to cross the world to start a new life and he did to emerge in an unknown country.


Spending then his childhood and youth, in those years he learn from other cultures, live frustrating situations, and also unforgettable anecdotes and adventures.


Besides, in those stages he found his vocation for the art. Just there where he stars to identify himself. With the exuberant beauty of the flora and fauna that was part of his native Puntarenas, place where he was barn.


Even, he used to spend hours sat down on the beach watching the sea, trees and animals, to draw them later, on the sand with a little stick, those were his first experiments.


His personal life is very rich and in every page you will find information that will take you to understand the simpler livings of the daily walking. As his face of stockbreeder and rice-grower were vital, to create true art jobs later.


In –fact his life in the country was one of the most productive about the generation of material to paint and to sculpt, where all the existing sounds and colors in the view inspire him deeply.


However the second part of book is of the same interest, because on it the beginnings of Isidro Con Wong are related as an artist, the long and complicated way that he had to walk to be recognized in Costa Rica, his apparition by some expositions and contests throughout the National territory.


He also started a journey by his laureate career into an International level. The experience when he had to participate in Le Prix D’Art Comtemporain, which constitute a true catapult for later be invited to biennials in other continents.


Besides he deeps in the topics of his main paintings, the history of each one and the characteristics that make them special at the level to captivate a very varied public.


And, of course, an important space is dedicated for every one the styles that he has used during his career of more than 40 years. The reason of his tendency for them and how was the acceptance of Art lovers, but in some cases there was a rejection of some.


From there that he found a big story about the jobs that he has painted belonging to the magic realism, the black monocratic till the calligraphic.


His professional career is very wide, so much that it includes his facet as sculptor branch, in which he has stood out by the elaboration of different bulls with fancy truly characteristics.


The book is made for all those followers of Isidro Con Wong where they can know and understand why his personal and artistic facet becomes almost one only.


It’s an open door where everybody could get in where the magic is the main actor and it when he takes a paint brush and he gives form to his smart strokes on a linen.

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