Fathomless Black


Was born in Puntarenas, 73 years ago, son of Chinese in-migrants, and with the privilege to count on a maternal figure that led him by the experimentation ways and fantasy, Isidro Con Wong, presents in the National Gallery, an exposition that has a name, fathomless black, synthesis of 27 years devoted to the painting.


We can ask ourselves in an accurate way if exists a relation or connection among his first paintings of primitives cut with these paintings of monochromatic or single prevalence.


Definitely the relation is deeper than we think since he was a child, he was oriented by his mother, and he played drippings Chinese ink drops over white sheets of paper, producing in this way his first gesture childhood jobs.


Then in his first phase of a established artist, he prepared his canvas with a black painting base ever which he placed his colors and shapes of primitives cut, today is black over black, some signs are repeated and amalgamate or united with fantasy that has accompanied him in both proposals, Landscapes with cows reposing or resting in the tree branches surrounded with spirals and stars, and stellar views with their planets, stars and galaxies.


In both periods the filling is present, only in the black paintings, the fillings emphasize and the brush stroke charges of energy, example, experience and mastery.


For Isidro Con Wong, the cultural influence from Middle East is very strong; he remembers his grandfather’s words that in black are the clear, that it is not the end of darkness, but, rather the beginning, that’s why in this phase he is full of emotion. And he is joined with his gestures movements coming from his unconscious and he wakes these 20 jobs that he shows to us for our delight.

Elizabeth Barquero.
Museum Principal of Costarican Art.
Costa Rica.

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