International Association of Art Critics

By Ricardo Ulloa Barrenchea.

The painting of Isidro Con Wong starts from reality till involves us in a fantasy, in a fantastic and poetic world that in its twilight facet or the clear of the moon, suggest the Tang poetry.


Its metamorphosis figuration tied in an oriental ancestor tinged by the tropical exuberance. We contemplate the East presence and the East extreme the linear calligraphy, the rhythmical undulation of trunks and branches covered by luminous dots, the balance of the trees, the light of the moon or stars including sometime the golden shining from the sky recalls the tiny islands of the XV century, with its dazzle decoration or the lattice window and their Arabian bonds, coverers of the calligraphic, forest, its rhythm of serial undulations it’s typical of the Chinese Art now tinged by the texture of phosphorescence delicate threads.


This undulated rhythm, of a magic sensation is the single sound profile of the persistent “leitmotiv” or the sensation pulse: the Cebu, ox from India and Indochina and participant of our cattle, the psychic emotional undulation is object of an undulation shape, the oxen crests, conforming a psychic unity that at the same time, in relation with the whole calligraphy, involve an inner-rhythm.


The structure, sometimes simple, of permanent contrasts of an insignificant design, supplies an inevitable and serial rich association of sensorial magic relations, or the reading means arrangement or symbol design.


The strict formal design gets closer to the clean sketch Chinese but predominate an ornamental rich making and picturesque, illuminated with bouquets of colors since the remember of the Nature as familiar frame of a daily circumstance, that transport us to the naïve exotic imagination or narrative, so it recreates this ritual arrangement of the time-space concept, with the rhythm ceremonial vocation from the East.


With frequency the nature, “covered” makes visible the invisible, the magic spirit of the creation.


A sensible equilibrium, of dedicated transparences support the mysterious Fascination of a evoked narration, it is the simplicity expressed poetically or the richness of the calligraphic multiplicity.


In conclusion, the magnificent magic from East coexists with tropical fragrance.

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