José Arturo Rojas Carranza


Dto. Monse’s Art Gallery and Jewelry.


Isidro Con Wong starts the throne position of black as a spiritual singing, dazzle and trans figurer able to originate light, in the most remote of the human unconscious.


Raising its soul towards the most sublime.


The inspiratory source in the inner sensibility of the artist that which looseness and harmony get to initiate the along talking about what wasn’t said and which value enclosures years of evoked silence with daring and capable strength to darken the external to go into in the sanctuary of his spirit lettings Art flows to the style of his most pure expression.


The pure and genuine, without alterations and accompaniments as a main guest in his job, in which there is no doubt about his entity and about his importance, it stars the creation of the twenty black pearls, as he call to each one of his jobs. It has been wanted in many opportunities to see the black as something funeral, dark sinister, degraded and despicable without getting understanding in its purest nature conception.
Con Wong finds in black a dimension that him in are way to the past, as the maternal lap that has shelter him through his history on it he finds the favorable dimension to get to a direct contact with God his maker going through the barriers of the time that’s why that he has elected the black as a mean of communication with the absolute. In the Magic and pure essence of the black he finds the essential elements for the last and close spiritual union that wraps all of his surroundings.


In this dimension distractions are not wanted neither representations that modify this intimate and close dialogue with the spirit. From this moment he weak, despicable and what it is not taken on count to give the fair bequeath to everything that has been relegated as historic complain of this one without sense.


The black color in Isidro Con Wong’s jobs come out to the surface, to puffs as he had never expressed it before, wanting to set free of those conditionings that had tied his feelings and wishes, now we get closer to his event, it continues making us be surprised, wondered and till a mystery degree. But when we stop and admire his free job without detriments, we find a rhythmical orchestrate wanting to give us symphony of aspects that leave out and get to different Islands as a neurologic picture where every neuron accomplish its function, getting in touch among them to give life and fullness to an artist sensibility, that perhaps we got delayed for a long time in trying to understand it, remaining as a challenge to the interpretation of the psychoanalysis, that’s why that we find a relative in our neurological system with his job, in a way of a conception of same origin, looking for a sense to all of that in unconscious result to be mysterious and unknown since here the human being shows its identity and regard of all of those that we haven’t decode them yet.


Although the green dies, the sky will continue being blue Isidro Con Wong, it is good start again to see the light.

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