Luminous bewitched


By Gaston Diehl.
President of the Latin American Museum.

Among the chosen general motives by the artists of naïf painting and really appreciated by the public, above all from Latin America figure the diverse ceremonies or popular parties, the villages with their little house, their little places, their churches and so on, that have made to evoke through the fancies or the Artist imagination in a stopped time. A time in a quiet and peaceful epoch already passed or in the process of disappear letting the civilization modernism behind.


The naïfs contribution from the most countries emerge particularly precious, as a memory of a changing world, that a sincere sight perhaps less that oneself believes seats on eternity till in its smallest details.


There is no doubt, it is an accuracy meticulous care, almost passionate, that procures the best enchantment from the crowd evocation and entertained that faces the deserted streets.


The Isidro Con Wong behavior, we related it in a good part to the naïfs family nevertheless it isn’t different and it is situated over a plan that I’ll gladly quality as superior or higher. Above all we have verified, here in Monaco, the tenacity, the wish of heart exceeding through many years the successive verdicts. By other hand with on similar patience, he hasn’t stopped of improving his technique or skill and even more systematic it is so particular where his personality is affirmed.


With that refinement, so sensible of refinement where it reveals his inheritance from the Middle East, always keeping an extremely sensible cool air, he has could achieve an attractive joint. His compositions with an almost decorative character are constantly renewed by the mastery that he shows in the acrylic use, treated with gentleness and with a like of big luminous harmonies.


In this way we, tireless, recreate us with his marvelous sceneries, with a visionary air, always fantastic sceneries where on them is mixed the vegetal exuberance from the tropics, the quiet ruminant grazing, transfigured by the flashy colors.


In his heavenly gardens, with the familiar animals, they transport us to another universe. We grant to a so genuine poetic bewitched the peculiarity of never get tired of so much diversity which is so rich and delicate.

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