Permanent Collections


European Academy of Suences Arts and Letters, Paris, France.
Miniature Museum, collection of the National Museum of Art, San Jose, Costa Rica.
Art Beauty Museum, Taipei Taiwan, Republic of China.
Taipe fine Art Museum, Taiwan, Republic of China.
Site of the Costa Rican Embassy in Washington, USA.
Crisolart Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.
Arenal Hotel Kioro, San Carlos, Costa Rica.
Chinese office of Ultra sea ZhongShan, Popular Republic of China.
ZhongShan city Hall Popular Republic of China.
Ministry of Culture and Education of the Huangzhou province, Popular Republic of China.
Mónaco Art Center, Monte Carlo, Mónaco.
Colection of the Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social (Social ensure Costa Rican Cashier) San José, Costa Rica.
Zhong Shang Art Museum, Popular Republic of China.
National Museum of China, section Chinese of Ultra sea Beijing, Popular Republic of China.
Mixed Institute of Social help, San José, Costa Rica.
Puntarenas life in the reef, Puntarenas, Costa Rica.
Carta de la tierra, Ciudad Colon, San José, Costa Rica.

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